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Welcome to the home of Toronto Kenjutsu. We are a martial arts group dedicated to the practice of classical Japanese swordsmanship — specifically the style of Katori Shinto Ryu, as taught by Master Sugino Yukihiro. This dojo was founded in 2007 by Corey Reid with the intention of bringing classical Katori Shinto Ryu swordsmanship to Toronto.

We are attached to Sugino dojo and work closely with Master Sugino and other members of his teaching staff. Corey Reid is a direct student of Master Sugino and studied under him in Japan for several years.

On this site you will find class schedules, a description of our practice and articles on the art of Japanese swordsmanship. Please browse around and see what interests you.

Recent Articles

A New Home

Change is the only constant in life. Since we were founded back in 2008, Toronto Kenjutsu has changed its home a few times. It’s always a disruption, but there is always value in “shedding your skin”. Such moments give us a chance … Continue reading

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Trying Too Hard

I can remember very clearly having an enormous revelation while practicing at Sugino Dojo in Kawasaki, doing yoko-men strikes in time with a partner. It was a long time ago, but the realization remains burned into my memory. I realised … Continue reading

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Learning From Teaching

One of the most startling experiences I had at Sugino Dojo was being asked to perform the uke (senior) side of a kata for a new student, showing them the kirikomi side in the process. I had only just learned … Continue reading

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